Catholic Parish of Keel & Kiltallagh, Co Kerry marriage records 1810 

Transcribed from Microfilm P4273 National Library Dublin. Records in poor condition and translated from Latin. Therefore some errors may have occured in transcription. Check microfilm or original registers which are still held in Keel Parish, Co. Kerry.


Date  Groom  Bride  Witness  Witness  Witness  Townland 
08/01/1810 Denis McMahon Julia Sullivan Dermot McMahon Laurence Griffin   Corroghmore
30/01/1810 Thadeus Long Hanora Shea John Long Laurence Griffin   Meanus
04/02/1810 Gerald Fitzgerald Ellen Lehan? John Fitzgerald Denis Doody   Fibough
04/02/1810 Patrick Hefernan Mary Regan? Bartholomew Regan Thadeus Hefernan   Fibough
06/02/1810 John Williams Honora Spring John Spring Gubelini Spring Guil o Kelly Castlemain
08/02/1810 Thomas Connor Ann Sheahan Patrick Sheehan Daniel Sheehan   Balinar?
02/1810 Robert Fitzerald Margaret Evans George Evans George Fitzgerald Anna Evans Shanna?
02/1810 Dermot Flynn Julia Brick Eam? Brick Corn? Flynn Thadeus Brick Cnuckbrack
02/1810 John Kenna Mary Foley Thadeus Foloue Laurence Griffin   Lassabee
02/1810 Denis Foloue Mary Prendergast Robert Prendergast John Foloue   Shannachuil
02/1810 John Murphy Ellen Kenna Laurence Griffin Julia McCarthy   Boulteens
02/1810 Cornelius Corcoran Mary Doud Denis Doud Maurice Doud   Fibough
1810 Thadeus Leahy Honora Long Sylesvester Leahy Laurence Griffin   Gortalea
1810 Thomas Sheahan Joan Linihin Daniel Linihin Julia McCarty   Chasicarbry?
1810 Laurence Collins Mary Houran? Thadeus Collins Julia McCarty   Cnockane
03/1810 Denis McCarthy Ellen Moynahan Maurice Moynahan Arthur Spring   Gransha
03/1810 Andrew Brien Barbara Sheahan Pat? Sheahan Daniel Sheahan   Balinamona
03/1810 John Cluvane Mary Collins Laurence Griffin Julia McCarthy   Cnockane
03/1810 Patrick Griffin Catherine Hanfin Laurence Griffin Julia McCarthy Daniel Hanifin Killinagh?
03/1810 Patrick Ferriter Ellen Fitzgerald Nicholas Fitzgerald Josephine Moriarty   Cahircrottery?
03/1810 Maurice Murphy Mary Long Gulielemus Long Martin Murphy   Ardcanaght
06/03/1810 Daniel Hayes Elizebeth Walsh Thomas Walsh Julia McCarthy   Upper Gransha
02/07/1810 Denis Cluvane Ellen Kenny John Kenny Laurence Griffin   Shanacheil
25/07/1810 John Fitzgerald Joan Griffin Laurence Griffin Ann Barrett   ?alcrispin
12/08/1810 Cornelius Doody Hanora Griffin John Griffin Martin Gallavan   Kill?
29/10/1810 Denis Daly Mary Connell John Connell ? Daly   Cahircrottery?
16/11/1810 Patrick Murphy Mary Griffin Laurence Griffin Nicholas Trant   Gorlaleen