Catholic Parish of Keel & Kiltallagh, Co Kerry marriage records 1812 

Transcribed from Microfilm P4273 National Library Dublin. Records in poor condition and translated from Latin. Therefore some errors may have occured in transcription. Check microfilm or original registers which are still held in Keel Parish, Co. Kerry.


Date  Groom  Bride  Witness  Witness  Witness  Townland 
01/1812 Thadeus Sullivan Honora Kenna Thomas Kenna Maurice Sullivan   Boulteens
1812 Dermot Flynn Mary Sullivan Thadeus Sullivan John Giles   Ardaledane
1812 Patrick Fitzgerald Mary Moriarty John Fitzgerald Daniel Moriarty   Aghils
1812 John Daly Sarah Cournane Michael Cournane Laurence Griffin   Castlemain
02/1812 John Shea Joan Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Laurence Griffin   Fibough
1812 Thadeus Houran Margaret Lyne John Lyne Patrick Teahan   Castledrum
1812 John Neagle Ellen Brien Michael Brien Thadeus Neagle   Ardcanaght
1812 John Evans Ellen Neagle John Neagle Daniel Murphy   Boulteens
1812 Thadeus Hanifin Julia Houlihan Patrick Houlihan Daniel Hanifin    
1812 Daniel Costello Julia Sweeney Jeremiah Sheehan Laurence Griffin   Gurrane
1812 Thomas Butler Joan Flynn Laurence Griffin Dermot Flynn   Gurrane
1812 John Kenna Mary Scott Laurence Griffin Julia McCarthy   La?
1812 Thadeus Lynch John Linihin? Cornelius Linihin Laurence Griffin   Shan?
1812 John Hanifin Catherine Breen Cornelius Hnifin Laurence Griffin   Ardcanaght
1812 Cornelius Sullivan Ginello Fitzgerald Richard Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald   Aghills
1812 Maurice Shea Mary Bowler Nicholas Bowler Laurence Griffin   Cnucksu?
1812 John Daly Mary Sheehan Bartholomew Sheehan John Neagle   Farnes