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18/03/2014 12:28 am
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Carson Family - Carsonstown, Ballee
I would assume that all these Carson Family members are related living in such close proximately to one another

Page 16 of Census = Census 1847-1864

No's and Letters in Ref to Map / Townlands & Occupiers / Immediate Lessors / Land

14 Henry Carson Reps Jane Heron
Land 2 1 20
James Cotter Henry Carson House & Garden - - 20

15 Henry Carson
Reps Jane Heron Herd's House & land
8 2 10

16 Henry Carson
Reps Jane Heron Herd's House & land
1 2 10

Henry Carson Reps Jane Heron Herd's House & land
4 3 0
Hugh McCullagh Henry Carson House
James Forbes Henry Carson House

William Carson William McLeary House

Page 17 of Census

James Carson Reps Jane Heron House & Land
10 0 0
James Carson Reps Jane Heron Land
0 2 0

35 -
James Carson David S Ker Turbary*
Henry Carson David S Ker Turbary

James Carson David S Kerr House, office & Land
24 10 1
Robert Craig James Carson House & small garden
Anthony McGee James Carson House & Garden - - 20

Robert Carson David S Ker House office & Land
17 2 30
Robert Carson David S Ker House office & Land
18 0 5
David McHolland Robert Carson House & Garden
0 0 25
James McGee Robert Carson House -
James Carson Robert Carson House -
James Ferguson Robert Carson House -
Robert Faulkner Robert Carson House -
Ralph Stewart Robert Carson House -
William Clements Robert Carson House -

William Carson David S Kerr House, office & land
10 3 20
John McAuliffe William Carson House -

Samuel Carson David S Ker House, Office & land 18 2 10
41b Alexander Crowe Samuel Carson House -
Robert Crowe Samuel Carson House -

Mary Murray Duffin Carson House
Luke Murray Duffin Carson House
Wm Carson(soldier) Joseph Young
Mary Mclenny James Carson House
Duffin Murray
James Carson House

Duffin Carson David S Ker House, Office & land
22 2 0

So take it that the first name is the tennant and the second being the landlord or the land owner - this ties in with the family history that my Duffin Carson had 22 acres at Carsonstown, Ballee, Ballymena and I think that all these Carsons above would be related in some form. The name Duffin Murray is also a relation.

So we have Henry, William, James, Samuel, Wm Robert and Duffin Carson.

My Duffin Carson was born 11.2.1851 in Carsonstown and died 15.8.1948- he married Elizabeth Murray daughter of Duffin Murray & Ann Shaw his Father was Robert Duffin Carson who was born 1821 and died in 1888 he married Jane Carson daughter of John Carson. Robert Duffin Carsons father was Duffin Carson who married Jane Andrews and there children were Matilda b 20/1/1820, Robert Duffin b 1821(as mentioned above), Elizabeth b 22/7/1823, William 9/3/1826 married Mary Jane Rankin on 31/12/1847, Martha 20/1/1827married Andrew Johnston on 4/9/1849, Agnes 22/12/1829, Isabella b 11/6/1830, John b 9/7/1832, Jane there may have been more children from this marriage - but maybe the William above could be our line too.

My Robert Duffin Carson was born in 1821 and died in Jan 1888 he married Jane Carson b 1826 and died June 1882 they were married 20 November 1847 in Kirkinola, Ballymena, Antrim. Janes father was John Carson and Robert Duffin's parents were Duffin Carson & Jane Andrews. Robert Duffin Carson and Jane Carson's children were Duffin Carson born 11/2/1851 and died 15/8/1948, Jane (Jenny) Carson b 27/11/1854, Eliza Andrews Carson b 16/6/1857, Maggie S Carson b 10/9/1858, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann Carson b 1859/1860, Mary Carson b 29/7/1860. Do you think there is any chance that our Robert Duffin Carson are one and the same being there dob and death dates are similar. I have a letter from Samuel Carson of Carsonstown, Ballee, Ballymena "The Carsons have lived in Ballee for nearly 400 years. It is thought that the first of the family came from Scotland around 1610 or before. 'Powake' Carson was said to have resided in Ballee and defended himself with a Stone Axe. The next record of the early Carsons was William Carsone who lived in Ballee and paid his hearth tax in the year 1669 this was a form of Income Tax. The first Duffin Carson appears in the early 1800's he married Jane Andrews, we think his sons and grandson were both called Duffin Carson. Duffin Carson had a farm of 22 acres at Carsonstown, as well as a farmer he worked as a weaver , and would have been comparatively well off - that is able to survive the famine. The name Duffin was bought into the Carson Family by the 1st Duffin Carson's mother, who actually eloped with her husband her own family the Duffins being local gentry. The first Duffin Carson was a 1st cousin the the last Squire O'Hara. Some time arounf 1890 Duffin Carson otherwise Robert Duffin Carson left Carsonstown and moved to Queen Street, where he lived until he died at the age of 97. The ancient burial ground of the Carson is Ballyclug Graveyeard. This is a very old graveyard where there was once a church founded by Sr Patrick. The Carson plot is like a communal grave with no headstone. Duffin Carson and his fathers before him were all buried there" The letter is dated 1994.

*Turbary - Turbary is the ancient right to cut turf, or peat, for fuel on a particular area of bog.[1] The word may also be used to describe the associated piece of bog or peatland and, by extension, the material extracted from the turbary. Turbary rights, which are more fully expressed legally as common of turbary, are often associated with commonage, or, in some cases, rights over another person's land

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