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Antrim (county)

13/03/2010 2:09 pm
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Hugh McBroom
I am trying to verify the Father(Hugh McBroom) of the Husband (Hugh NcBroom) listed in this marriage record.
Married July 6, 1847
Husband Hugh McBroom
Townland Straidland
Civil Parish Ballynure
County Antrim
Occupation Servant
Father of Husband Hugh McBroom
Occupation Labourer
Husband witness James Bain
Wife Elizabeth Rock
Townland Straidland
Civil Parish Ballynure
County Antrim
Occupation Servant
Wife Father Philip Rock
Wife Father Occupation Labourer
Wife witness John Kerr
By License R. McAllister
Street Larne Civil
Town Larne
Area Inver Larne
County Antrim
The newlywed couple Hugh & Eliza
emmigrated to Canada just weeks after their marriage.

I am trying to find information on the Fathers Hugh McBroom and Phillip Rock.

Griffiths valuation lists 2 Hugh McBrooms in County Antrim.

Mc Broom, Hugh Ballyboley Ballycor Antrim

Mc Broom, Hugh Holestone
Kilbride Antrim

Is there anyway to find out more?
Thank you
15/03/2010 4:14 am


Hello Mike

I am also researching this family and I'm likewise, stuck trying to get them back further. There is a strong possibility that Hugh came from Ayrshire, Scotland. The McBrooms appear to have hopped back and forth from Ayrshire to Antrim leaving gaps in census records and not all having civil weddings.
I am slowly piecing together every McBroom who ever existed and by a process of elimination may prove the parents of Hugh.

The Persons I have are

Elis. Miller McBROOM b. 1820 in Ballyeaston - Parents Hugh McBROOM and wife UNKNOWN

Hugh McBROOM b. 1822 in Ireland d. 1888 in Nebraska - Parents Hugh McBROOM and wife UNKNOWN
This is your Hugh and all I have for his children are
Mary, William Henry, Maggie, Hugh, Elizabeth and 4 other unnamed children with no birth dates for any of them

Hugh McBROOM b. 1796 in Ballyboley - Parents Walter McBROOM b. 1756 in Balleyboley and wife Elizabeth UNKNOWN

Hugh MCBROOM b. circa 1800 in Ballynure married to Margaret VALENTINE abot 1825 in Ballynure

Hugh McBROOM b. about 1819 in Donegore (or Holestone) married to Sarah BROWN(E)

I have a few Hughs born in Ayrshire in the 1820's and 30's and suspect their parents are from Antrim, but no evidence.

I realise this is not a lot of help, however it may allow you to narrow your search.

Here is a copy of a snippet I found on the internet

"Scotch-Irish, sailed to Ontario, Canada in 1847, three weeks after their wedding. Lived in Canada until 1853 or 1854, then went overland to Omaha, Nebraska, arriving July 4, 1860, and a few days later went on to Dodge county, Nebraska, where they lived the rest of their days.

It is said that Hugh McBroom's father was with General Wellington's forces in the "Battle of Waterloo". Eliza Rock's father was a singer who sang for the King, with her accompanying him. Oral History tells us that there were several, maybe 8, McBroom sons who came through Canada into America during this time, due to starvation in Ireland. It is said they all went to different areas to work, and sent home money to their mother and sisters in Ireland. It is said that they lost track of each other and never saw each other again. Supposedly, two of the brothers went to Louisiana to help drain the swamps."

Les Williamson
Bonnie Scotland
16/03/2010 12:41 am


Hugh McBroom
Pleasure to make your aquaintence.

Yes we are looking at the same Hugh Mcbroom, and yes I am attempting the process of elimination vs actual certification as you are. I am sure that you are more thorough than I.

I have a complete list of children of Hugh McBroom and Eliza Rock. They are:
Mary b:1848 Canada
William Henry b: 1848 Canada
Maggie b: 1852 Canada
Hugh Jr b: 1855 Iowa
Elizabeth 1857 Iowa
Anna 1859 Iowa
Emma 1861 Nebraska
Jennie 1864 Nebraska.

I have also come across a marriage
that may match up with one of the records you mentioned.

David ELLIOTT & Elizabeth McBROOM
Marriage: Abt. 1847 Of Ballyboley, Antrim, Ireland
Spouse: Elizabeth McBROOM

and another reference to the same David ELLIOTT & Elizabeth MILLAR
Marriage: Abt. 1850 Of Ballyalbana, Antrim, Ireland
Spouse: Elizabeth MILLAR

Then this birth record
Hugh McBroom ELLIOTT
Christening: Abt. 13 Dec 1851 Ballyeaston, Antrim, Ireland
son of David ELLIOTT and Elizabeth MILLAR

Was your record for Elizabeth Miller McBroom? This would tie in with the records I ran across, and making a strong case for naming their boy after her father..

Its all a guessing game at this point. I was not aware of the constant island migration back and forth as you mentioned. After reading your post, I did find some more information on that. Very interesting. I do find one reference that stated our Eliza Rock was born Dec 24,1824 in Scotland( or 1832..per 1870 US census and calls her Rachel ) .

The snipets you included were from a descendant of William Henry. I am a descendent of Hugh Jr. I have alot of data for these lines.

If I can be of any help to you, I will do my best to contribute.

Thank you
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